A-1 offers a variety of sizes of metal roof curbs to fit the needs of the application. The overall height or outside dimensions can be designed for each specific type roof. A-1 curbs can be installed on flat or pitched roofs with any type of roof system including exposed metal. A powder painted security grille is optional and can be included in all curbs for roof opening safety during and after construction.

Curbs typically will be 8" high above the finished roof by the size of the skylight required and shall be constructed of 18 gauge galvanized steel, with 3" flanges and screwed together corners. Curbs shall have a reflective integral security grille, made up of 1/2" diameter steel tubing welded to a flat mounting strap for fastening to the inside at the top of the curb. Bars shall be placed in one direction on a 6" O.C. spacing. Curbs shall be fastened to the roof deck with # 12 screws on 12" centers.

Fully welded galvanized or galvalume curbs can be provide for metal roofs with any type of profile.

4'x4' Galvanized Screw Together and Profile Types of Curbs.