About A-1 Daylighting

At A-1 Daylighting, we believe that quality, blended with excellent service, is the foundation for a successful business.

A-1 Daylighting is a full-line daylighting distributor. The manufacturers we represent have been carefully selected for superior quality. We are rated at the top among nationwide distributors due to our 30+ years of daylighting expertise and have strong business relations with all our valued manufacturers. A-1 Daylighting Distribution Company is a one -stop shop for daylighting products formed to give nationwide services to small and large clients.

Our Daylighting Products

A few of our top selling products include the Sun Optics high performance prismatic system with NO moving parts. This system incorporates 4,000 tiny prismatic mirrors per square foot. Due to the patented design this system catches sun at all sun angles allowing the end user to turn the lights OFF in the facility up to 10 hours a day at a fraction of the cost of tracking skylights. Our product lines also include many different types of skylights to fit your budget, smoke vents, shade screens and louvers, OSHA fall protection, curbs, and tubular skylights. A-1 Daylighting, LLC is the authorized distributor for all products represented.

Our Daylighting Experts

“Our team combines the old with the new, bringing 30+ years of daylighting experience to the company with a passion for daylighting that is second to none.” Our manufactures not only manufacture everything in-house to assure quality control, they have been in business over 30 years. The products we represent reflect close to a billion square feet of daylighting projects throughout the world. We pride ourselves in third party studies from top engineering firms and respected organizations such as Ashrae, California Energy Commission, the Heshone Mahone Group and many others that are well respected in the industry.

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