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LightFlex™ Color-Tuning Tubular Daylighting System

LightFlex CCT is the industry’s first daylighting system to color-shift cool daylight CCTs to warm through the use of patented remote-phosphor technology. LightFlex™ CCT is perfect for use in shared environments to minimize the color temperature variation between electric and natural light sources as well as applications where warm-white light is preferable.

The LightFlex™ daylighting system from Sunoptics® brings natural light into suspended-ceiling applications like offices, classrooms, healthcare and retail that don’t have direct access to a roof

  • Color temperatures: on average, between 3600K and 3700K, depending on time of day (closely mirrors commercial lighting systems in 3500K to 4000K range)
  • Reduce electric lighting costs while providing the benefit of natural light
  • Allows maintained color consistency

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