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External Skylight Fall-Protection Guard

External Skylight Fall Protection (ESFP) guard is designed to prevent a fall through a skylight using stainless steel wire in a 4” x 4” grid pattern. The ESFP is an alternative to our standard curb integrated fall protection guard. The exterior mounting location will eliminate the direct view of the fall protection guard from the vantage point below the skylight. ESFP guards are tested and designed to comply with OSHA fall protection standards.

  • Provides a clean architectural appearance from below the ceiling
  • Easily applied to existing skylights
  • Available in select sizes – 4040, 4080, and 5060
  • Fabricated from 8-gauge stainless steel with 75,000 PSI tensile strength
  • All guard assemblies include #8 x ½” TEK screws and installation clips

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