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Skylight Mounting System for Metal Roofs

Most buildings with metal roofs use inefficient, poor-performing fiberglass panels to provide daylight. Fiberglass-panel skylights are prone to leaking, discolor easily and can prevent the benefits of daylighting in your space. Enter the EZY Curb™ Daylighting System from Sunoptics® featuring quality steel and high-performance prismatic skylights with long-life properties that often mirror the life of the roof system.

The EZY Curb™ system is a modular curb system that can be installed in three easy steps in a fraction of the time of traditional curb-based systems. For additional labor savings, it can be installed by a roofer versus a specialized metal mechanic.

With 5- and 10-year limited leak-free warranties, Sunoptics® skylights bring your space to life using natural, glare-free daylighting.

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